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November 2008

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how frightfully curious


My name is not really Joni.
I work at a place I will never respect, but will tolerate because they pay me very well.
I own three pairs of vintage cowboy boots: black, silver and rust brown.
There is a painting in my living room that takes up most of one wall, which depicts jagged teeth or Gibsonesque cities rising from a lake of blood.
There are enough comic books in my house to fill two large bookshelves.
I live with a darling angel of a rabbit named Rupert Pennyworth.
I am completely obsessed with Gothic Lolita, EGL, and Sweet Lolita.
I could live on salad and pasta for the rest of my life.
I own a hat from the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and a pair of Audrey Hepburn’s shoes.
I make the most amazing vegan chili.
My suitcase is made from crocodile skin.
I love chamomile tea, and fresh bread.
I have one vice: sparkling water.
I am marrying my soul mate… we smell just right to each other.
I am obsessed with sixties pop culture, and Edie Sedgwick.
I am writing a novel about anthropomorphized fairy tales living in modern society under the tyrannical rule of a God-thing named the Storyteller.
I love hot peppers as a snack.
I am terrified of gaining weight.
I made my own prom dress, complete with angel wings and computer chips, and dyed my hair neon red for the occasion. I was on the news for it.
I love animals more than I love people, but have inherited an alarming amount of vintage fur coats, wraps, and hats.
I am selfless to a fault, and have been sometimes referred to as the People’s Crusader.
I am mad for musicals.
I kick ass at video games, thankyouverymuch.
My Make-a-Wish Foundation wish would be to braid Willie Nelson’s hair.
I have never been on an airplane.
I predict trends.
I own three, space-age-atomic ash trays (all vintage), but do not smoke.
I own enough rare, unique clothing, vintage or otherwise, that if sold could buy me a very nice house.
I have a benign tumor on my left eyeball.
I go all gooey and girly for Hello Kitty.
I wear cologne or essential oil instead of perfume. My current scent is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Nanny Asteroth: amber, Middle Eastern flowers, honey, blood-red berries, leather and polished wood.
I have 5 tattoos, and have a new one in mind.
Elvis creeps me out.
I am sleepy.